DJH Youth Hostel Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Photo Gallery

View of the youth hostel Wittenberg
Entrance of the youth hostel Wittenberg
Wittenberg downtown with view of the Castle
Example of a shared room
Example of a shared room
En suite room
Table tennis and table football room
Lounge / Cafeteria
Historic dining room
Reception area
At the reception
A small conference room: Katharina von Bora
choir practice: conference room Philipp Melanchthon
Castle Museum of Natural History and Ethnology
Canoeing, in the background the castle church
Bicycling in front of the castle church
Luther's posting of his theses, next to our youth hostel
Castle church
Cranach courtyard
Christmas market
Workmen's dwellings -Piesteritz- (Expo 2000)
Luther House - largest reformation museum
Luther 500 festival in 2011
Participants of the Luther 500 festival
Visit of the church during the Luther 500 festival
organizer of the Luther 500 festival - Lost and Found from the USA
An evening in the vault -Lutherkeller- of the youth hostel wittenberg
statues of Luther on the market place
market place of Witternberg
Team of the Youth Hostel Wittenberg